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Date Night Looks

February 13, 2019

While the “month of love” may mean many things, it’s certainly the perfect excuse to pick up some new pieces and freshen up your date night looks. Planning a fun and unique date makes it a great time to put together an outfit outside your normal box—just to keep things lively. However, it’s always fun to play up the feminine side of things around Valentine’s Day. Blushing pinks, commanding reds, and creamy ivories are all there for a reason, so pile it on!

Taking inspiration from very feminine styles doesn’t always mean just wearing dresses. Look for details like pussycat bows at the neck, sheer sleeves, or sweetheart necklines for effortlessly feminine touches without going all out. Even a pair of wide-leg pants can give off a romantic effect. A high waist and hems that just brush the floor is a great trick to making your legs look incredibly long without showing too much skin—especially since Valentine’s Day lands in the middle of winter!

Floral prints are a given for fun and flirty looks, but other prints can do the job just as well. Try finding a mix-print stripe top and pairing it with its counterpart—luxurious burgundy velvet or whimsical pink chiffon—for a special blend of fabrics and textures that make a statement. Prints and color not really your thing? Wear your heart on your tee with a sassy graphic and leather jacket and call it good. Your outfit is all about the way you wear it—even a pair of vintage jeans and boots can be romantic if you want them to be.

The best part about secondhand shopping is that while you’re combing the racks for that one special piece, you’re bound to uncover gems you didn’t know you needed until you see them. Head to Style Encore and let your date-night wardrobe imagination run wild!

Blog By: Chelsea Lankford | @truelane